Sikh Lehar


What is Sikh Lehar?

Sikh Lehar is a religious non-profit organization that is aimed at educating children about the basics of Sikhism through an engaging teaching style, such as fun activities, instead of traditional classrooms.

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Sikh Lehar encourages its congregation to be life-long learners and highly value proper pronunciation and understanding the meaning of Gurbani. Thanks to many enthusiastic volunteers, we are able to focus on individual students and offer classes for all levels of learners.

Kirtan Classes

Kirtan is one of the important aspects of Sikhism that refers to the singing of the Sacred Hymns from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib accompanied by music. We, at Sikh Lehar, join together to learn how to play music instruments and sing religious Hymns.


Sadh Sangat is addressed by knowledgable preachers regarding understanding the concepts and ideas of Gurbani. Preachers provide religious instructions to Congregation. Sangat is given chance to ask questions and clarify their doubts from preachers. Sikh Lehar promotes the idea of intellectual discussion regarding the understanding of Gurbani. The preachers innovate new ideas to indulge the youth and children for open discussion and participation.


Help Us Educate The Youth

Please consider donating to help us fund our mission of teaching the youth about sikhism. 100% of donations go to funding Sikh Lehar.